Stijn Koks, Wanna See My Toy Collection?

Stijn Koks fashion

Wanna See My Toy Collection?

A Star Wars action figure from 1977 or a first edition Charizard Pokemon card from 1999. Nowadays these are some of the holy grails for toy collectors. A preserved childhood memory. Not to play with but to look at. An untouched action figure preserved in plastic makes the value go up, making it collectable, the packaging as important as the object itself. Adults chasing their childhood memories. Never afraid to show off their precious childish collectibles. 

Year 2 : Ground

Inez van Kessel, Artificial Flowers
Johanna Madritsch, Up To No Good

2020 : Roots

Johanna Madritsch, Up To No Good

Johanna Madritsch fashion

Up To No Good

Liselotte Oostra, Toxic Protection

Liselotte Oostra fashion

Toxic Protection

Soyoung Park, Forced Dislocation

Soyoung Park fashion

Forced Dislocation

Stella Stylianou, Generation Who

Stella Stylianou fashion

Generation Who