We Will Build An Unclear Future

by Hee Eun Kim(KR), fashion

We live in a chaotic world where there are many visible and invisible rules to understand and follow. It is hard to capture every moment because things can change in anytime. The definition of the word pretty does no longer mean pretty in my approach. Everything can be anything and also nothing. It leads me to explore the contradictions and inconsistencies of the world.

As the world is too chaotic, I am working on the edge of chaos. It reflects my perspectives on the in-between world and how I create an order in the world that does not exist. It can identify with all various kinds of interests. This also displays a degree of indecisiveness and uncertainty in clearly guiding the direction to the public. It is an attempt to explore and understand the multitude of tastes, to search for the untitled and an undefined balance.

Everything can be anything and also nothing

Working on the edge of chaos reflects my perspectives on the in-between world

Searching for the untitled and undefined balance

The facts about pretty Koreans -
plastic surgery or beauty filters are too visible an effort.
What is next?
The cut-outs to see skin, highlighting the knee.
Some of my outfits have these cut-out features.

Layered lines to support the structure.
Different textures between visible boning parts and hidden ones under other layers.
Using the boning to create the shape.

The order of the world :

A sign is a visual communication to understand the world
but the world is changing too fast.
We need new rules!!!

What they carry: No-one knows what happened before. Interesting shape of layered and tied -up trash .

Orderly chaos: Functional - but no function. The signs are no longer fit to convey the proper meanings because of unexpected circumstances.