Metron Ariston

by Eva Dimopoulou(GR), fashion

A person needs a little madness, or else he never dares to cut the rope and be free.”
Nikos Kazantzakis

Metron Ariston collection is a continuous research for balance between opposing forces such as hard-soft, feminine-masculine, freedom-limit.

“Whatever you do, wherever you are, never forget who you are and where you come from.”

The structured shapes and elongated silhouettes, in combination with the leftover fabrics and the crochet patchwork that descent from my grandmother’s handwork, come to a balanced alliance with the freedom and the nudity that contributes to embrace the woman’s body and sexuality.

The ultimate aim is to rebrand history, while forming a new trend of reinstating and reproducing the leftovers as new. The collection reminds people of the importance of craftsmanship, which is an element that holds on to values, morals and beliefs for each nation.

Like a modern amazon, the muse of this collection rebels sensually, being partly uncovered using her courage and bravery as a shield, providing historical awareness against restrictions and stereotypes. Life is all about choices.
Greeks call this “veos” (βίος), where veos means life and life is a continuous struggle.

One of the most significant values in Greek culture is family

Whatever you do, wherever you go, never forget who you are and where you come from

MAINLAND GREECE, 19th CENTURY : Ethnical traditional Greek costumes. Handmade with intricate detail, taking many months to complete, a symbol of the country’s national pride, Representing the significant battles fought throughout Greece’s modern history. Many of the details of the costume hide secrets and symbols.

CHAIN : Significant symbol that attributes the interlacing of two opposite elements - hard-soft, feminine-masculine.

A modern amazon, rebelling sensually, using her courage and bravery as a shield against restrictions and stereotypes

MUSE : Female artist, autonomous & daring. She creates her art with her own hands, she appreciates culture and crafts. She is smart with an open sexuality. A woman who doesn’t adapt to anything that goes against her creative, open-minded and artistic way of living.

FAMILY : Family is a significant aspect in Greek culture. Up to a point it influences and shapes the character of a person and determines his course in life. Taking inspiration from the opposing forces of my parents, I am trying to find the balance between feminine and masculine, sensitivity and stiffness.

CRETE : The 5th largest Mediterranean island well known for its culture. It represents the bold aspect of freedom and feminine power. Women were embraced and worshipped. Lots of art and decorations, red, black and off-white colours.