Johanna Madritsch, Up To No Good

Johanna Madritsch fashion

Up To No Good

A project depicting wrongly punished adolescents, expressing the feelings and visual identifiers of the young and misunderstood victims of the age-old Central-European tradition of celebrating violence. My collection serves as a sugar-coated affirmation of the directionless and carelessness notion the victims have come to embody as a result of their childhood traumas.

Year 2 : Ground

Stijn Koks, Wanna See My Toy Collection?
Liselotte Oostra, Toxic Protection

2020 : Roots

Liselotte Oostra, Toxic Protection

Liselotte Oostra fashion

Toxic Protection

Soyoung Park, Forced Dislocation

Soyoung Park fashion

Forced Dislocation

Stella Stylianou, Generation Who

Stella Stylianou fashion

Generation Who