Inez van Kessel, Artificial Flowers

Inez van Kessel fashion

Artificial Flowers

‘Us humans have gotten disconnected from nature. We control and design it according to our needs. I visualised my collection with an installation that tells the story of mankind entering a patch of undiscovered nature and planting a flag there. The contrast between artificial silhouettes and a rampant nature is important in my collection. Fabrics are used, colours artificial, almost toxic. The cut-outs are inspired by the shadows of nature, becoming artificial flowers’.

Year 2 : Ground

Signe Grønlund, Sometimes Freedom Gives Me Claustrophobia
Stijn Koks, Wanna See My Toy Collection?

2020 : Roots

Stijn Koks, Wanna See My Toy Collection?

Stijn Koks fashion

Wanna See My Toy Collection?

Johanna Madritsch, Up To No Good

Johanna Madritsch fashion

Up To No Good

Liselotte Oostra, Toxic Protection

Liselotte Oostra fashion

Toxic Protection

Soyoung Park, Forced Dislocation

Soyoung Park fashion

Forced Dislocation

Stella Stylianou, Generation Who

Stella Stylianou fashion

Generation Who