Phlox van Oppen, The Trees

Phlox van Oppen textile

The Trees

‘Nature and the way I experience it is a leitmotif for me. For this project I refer to memories from when I was a little girl. I have been collecting pictures I took years ago of trees and the movement of trees. Those moments, surrounded in the woods, created a strong peace of mind. A carefree feeling that I can’t easily recall nowadays. Those feelings were the starting point for these textile works’.

Year 2 : Ground

Hyewon Jeong, Parasitic Relationship
Sohyun Park, Hallucination

2020 : Roots

Sohyun Park, Hallucination

Sohyun Park textile


Britt van As, Soften The World

Britt van As fashion

Soften The World

Sarah Belfakir, The Hug

Sarah Belfakir fashion

The Hug

Loïs Brandsen, The Loaders

Loïs Brandsen fashion

The Loaders

Céline Bregman, Generation Brainwashed

Céline Bregman fashion

Generation Brainwashed

Signe Grønlund, Sometimes Freedom Gives Me Claustrophobia

Signe Grønlund fashion

Sometimes Freedom Gives Me Claustrophobia

Inez van Kessel, Artificial Flowers

Inez van Kessel fashion

Artificial Flowers

Stijn Koks, Wanna See My Toy Collection?

Stijn Koks fashion

Wanna See My Toy Collection?

Johanna Madritsch, Up To No Good

Johanna Madritsch fashion

Up To No Good

Liselotte Oostra, Toxic Protection

Liselotte Oostra fashion

Toxic Protection

Soyoung Park, Forced Dislocation

Soyoung Park fashion

Forced Dislocation

Stella Stylianou, Generation Who

Stella Stylianou fashion

Generation Who