Céline Bregman, Generation Brainwashed

Céline Bregman fashion

Generation Brainwashed

The inspiration came from my research into the historical Venetian moretta mask, worn by women during Venetian carnival in the 18th century. What inspired me was the anonymity and freedom the mask created for its wearers. It made me realise how almost impossible it is to be totally anonymous today where we don’t have a lot of choice to exclude ourselves from technology and social media.

The negative influence social media has on our well-being, our mood, our self-image, especially for the younger generation that grew up without knowing any better, was a subject I took on in my collection. These negative effects became even more apparent during the pandemic: we were dependent on technology, forced to turn to screens and being confronted with even more ‘happy memories, happy lives’ on social media’.

Year 2 : Ground

Loïs Brandsen, The Loaders
Signe Grønlund, Sometimes Freedom Gives Me Claustrophobia

2020 : Roots

Signe Grønlund, Sometimes Freedom Gives Me Claustrophobia

Signe Grønlund fashion

Sometimes Freedom Gives Me Claustrophobia

Inez van Kessel, Artificial Flowers

Inez van Kessel fashion

Artificial Flowers

Stijn Koks, Wanna See My Toy Collection?

Stijn Koks fashion

Wanna See My Toy Collection?

Johanna Madritsch, Up To No Good

Johanna Madritsch fashion

Up To No Good

Liselotte Oostra, Toxic Protection

Liselotte Oostra fashion

Toxic Protection

Soyoung Park, Forced Dislocation

Soyoung Park fashion

Forced Dislocation

Stella Stylianou, Generation Who

Stella Stylianou fashion

Generation Who