Sticky Fingers – An Act of Matter

by Inge Vaandering(NL), fashion

The dialogue between human and object is an important subject in my work. I start from the character of the material, enhancing the tactile traits of the matter - which can be really soft or sticky, or responsive to light and shadow. These traits lead to the shapes of the silhouette.

The eyes of the skin by the architect JuhanI Pallasmaa is a text that explains how we use our senses and underlines the dominance of the eye. To me, it was an explanation of how I look at the use of our senses. It made me want to question the role of our senses even more. I’m interested in shifting focus from sight to a more bodily perception, which, at this point, mostly includes (the idea of) touch and sound.
By using imagination and everyday images I try to find tension between garments, objects and people which should lead to a more imaginative and conscious perception of our feelings and surroundings.

Pulling us out of reality for a more imaginative and conscious perception of our feelings and surroundings

Object: simplicity, or ‘eenvoud’ in Dutch. Staged picture of MDF with traces of use. Relation between materials, shape and light makes the object more important.

MERGING IN DAILY LIFE : This price tag on the fabric is made with more care than other price tags I have seen. It is almost like it belongs to the fabric.

Serenity: Spaces that you can look trough and maybe think of as not actually a space still give the serenety of a space. The sug- gestion of being able to go inside.

SELF MADE TEXTILE DESIGN : I like the way the illusion this technique and fabric create together with using just one simple tchnique. They strengthen each others characteristics.

In this picture I like the expression of the clothing. It almost seems to static to be worn. They could be a person as well as a statue, would it be painted in black and white.

Self-made miniature heads which possibly replace human models. They remind me of gargoyle heads. Can’t these be alive too?

Merging in daily life: People outside meet each other the real world but look like they are styled to belong together at that spot. They become just as important as the objects around them.

Partly self staged, partly staged by behaviour of the object. I can see the shape of move- ment or life in this picture.

MERGING IN DAILY LIFE : The big metal me- chanical claw destroying these fragile flowers. To me it does make it less sad to know these flowes were planted by humans and thus not completely natural.

RITUAL: In this picture I feel passion, movement, tactility, sound, expression. A total experience is going on. It is not only about looking.

Questioning the role of our senses, I’m shifting focus from sight to bodily perception

MAGICAL REALISM : The figure pictured is on the edge of being human or creature. Realistic and unrealistic. The human-object distinction is minimalized. [Koch, Pyke. The Contortionist. Amsterdam: Stedelijk museum, 1955]

Own image. Laura’s pants: ongoing project.
Ritual: Laura fixing her pants that tear time after time. The hours that are in this pants make these pants very personal. The soul shifts from maker to object.

MERGING IN DAILY LIFE : My friend in a toile I made, doing her own work. The neutrality that arises, while the dress is so dramatic, brings an interesting context.

Tactility: This portrait hardly says anything about age or gender. Everything looks neutral and almost non-human. What gives away that it is in fact a person is that it depicts one but the tactility is totally different.