Pien Klein Douwel, The Last Virgin Boys

Pien Klein Douwel fashion

The Last Virgin Boys

A collection inspired by the Bescherkind, a traditional girl costume from the Sorbs, a small community in the east of Germany. ‘In the Sorbs culture, they consider the girl wearing this costume to be half bride, half-divine being. She is the oldest virgin in town and this is her transition into becoming a woman. The idea behind this collection is making this girls’ tradition into a menswear collection of boys who are the chosen ones, showing anonymity and sexuality at the same time, searching for a balance between these things. It’s time to switch some roles’.

Year 3 : Connect

Petra Huisman, Who are you to define me?
Jiahao Li, He Only Left His Name

2020 : Roots

Jiahao Li, He Only Left His Name

Jiahao Li fashion

He Only Left His Name

Marlien Peeters, I Will Be Your Monster if You Want

Marlien Peeters fashion

I Will Be Your Monster if You Want

Stef Reijnierse, Modern Clan

Stef Reijnierse fashion

Modern Clan

Tuareg Interpretation

A modern interpretation of Tuareg jewellery. ‘I took basic shapes that reference the Tuareg and produced these in unpractical proportions. The metal pieces felt and looked unfunctional - the challenge was to make them functional again through use of the entire body’.

Anwen Xu, Beyond the Pleasure Principle

Anwen Xu fashion

Beyond the Pleasure Principle