Petra Huisman, Who are you to define me?

Petra Huisman fashion

Who are you to define me?

Petra started her research into America's First Nations Blackfeet tribe and was inspired by James, a Siksika boy who lives in the Blackfeet reservation. He encouraged her to make the collection entirely out of leather, the material his ancestors used to craft their clothes with, always using the entire skin of the animal. She took the original shape of the skin as a starting point, then weaving the leather as a construction for the shapes, but more important as a crucial symbol for strength in unity. This symbol is again reflected in the black model’s braided hairstyles.

Year 3 : Connect

My Sweet and Tender Beast
The Last Virgin Boys

2020 : Roots

Pien Klein Douwel, The Last Virgin Boys

Pien Klein Douwel fashion

The Last Virgin Boys

Jiahao Li, He Only Left His Name

Jiahao Li fashion

He Only Left His Name

Marlien Peeters, I Will Be Your Monster if You Want

Marlien Peeters fashion

I Will Be Your Monster if You Want

Stef Reijnierse, Modern Clan

Stef Reijnierse fashion

Modern Clan

Tuareg Interpretation

A modern interpretation of Tuareg jewellery. ‘I took basic shapes that reference the Tuareg and produced these in unpractical proportions. The metal pieces felt and looked unfunctional - the challenge was to make them functional again through use of the entire body’.

Anwen Xu, Beyond the Pleasure Principle

Anwen Xu fashion

Beyond the Pleasure Principle