Marlien Peeters, I Will Be Your Monster if You Want

Marlien Peeters fashion

I Will Be Your Monster if You Want

This collection is inspired by the Krampus, a horned, anthropomorphic figure from Central European folklore. A monster that puts fear into people. He’s always a man. As a woman, I’m also scared of men sometimes. But what would happen if women would turn into monsters. In order to protect themselves from predatory men. Bringing their beauty and strong identity.
Next to my collection shoot I did a concept shoot on this subject. The girl in the story feels fear for everything at first. For men, for her own body. There are hints of abuse, a body under duress. In the second phase the figure is getting angry about being afraid all the time. She will fight back. In the last stage, there’s peace of mind. The fight is over. The protest resulted in self-protection and finding strength.
It’s ok now’.

Year 3 : Connect

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2020 : Roots

Stef Reijnierse, Modern Clan

Stef Reijnierse fashion

Modern Clan

Tuareg Interpretation

A modern interpretation of Tuareg jewellery. ‘I took basic shapes that reference the Tuareg and produced these in unpractical proportions. The metal pieces felt and looked unfunctional - the challenge was to make them functional again through use of the entire body’.

Anwen Xu, Beyond the Pleasure Principle

Anwen Xu fashion

Beyond the Pleasure Principle