Yara de Vries, Identity Masks

Yara de Vries fashion

Identity Masks

A project on the research into identity and multiple ethnical backgrounds.
‘I based this project on myself. I identify as a Dutch girl. But I have Chinese roots as well, how does that affect me? The Chinese side of my identity made me curious, investigating my family history felt like an adventure. It made me go back to my childhood. That’s why the inspiration for the masks are superheroes and villains. They always wear a mask to hide their true identity. I thought it was a interesting concept to you wear your identity on your face’.

Year 1 : Play

Di'Amo Vermeer, I Bloom Form Within
Diwang Wang, Metamorphosis

2020 : Roots

Diwang Wang, Metamorphosis

Diwang Wang fashion


Selma Wurmus, The Crowd

Selma Wurmus fashion

The Crowd