Laila-Sophie Surges, Unravel

Laila-Sophie Surges textile


Year 1 : Play

Funda Göçer, Unravel
Viviane von Arx, Unravel

2020 : Roots

Viviane von Arx, Unravel

Viviane von Arx textile


Xiaoyu Wen, Unravel

Xiaoyu Wen textile


Experimental textile : Nature needs saving too, also today. Ecological balance is always closely related with plants. So when plants get rick, us humans must try to cure them. It’s a chain, all is related to each other.

Annalie van Doorn, Code Coffee

Annalie van Doorn fashion

Code Coffee

Code Coffee

I visited this square in Cali, Colombia and noticed that a lot of women were selling coffee. Porque?! A guide then told me that this area used to be a free zone for prostitutes. Even though they weren’t allowed to work this tourist hotspot anymore, the women still continued doing their job, secretly so. Instead of wearing provocative clothes, they dressed properly and started selling coffee. The coffee being a insider symbol to show they were still on the job.

Athina Eleftheriou, Dancer in The Wind

Athina Eleftheriou fashion

Dancer in The Wind

Dancer in the Wind

Casey Hefferon, Fear of Growing Up

Casey Hefferon fashion

Fear of Growing Up

Mi Mi Kyaw Win, The Blue Line

Mi Mi Kyaw Win fashion

The Blue Line


Louise Noordam, Casino Alter Ego

Louise Noordam fashion

Casino Alter Ego

Beilu Song, Trajectory Of Ego

Beilu Song fashion

Trajectory Of Ego

Jose Marie Sta. Iglesia, Light Colour Shadow

Jose Marie Sta. Iglesia fashion

Light Colour Shadow

Body Intervention

The shape of our body determines our gender, lifestyle, function. But what happens if we disturb its shape?. I was thinking of a mutating human body form. I tried to disturb its current form by adding and subtracting its parts through the addition of angular shapes against the soft curves of the body.

Di'Amo Vermeer, I Bloom Form Within

Di'Amo Vermeer fashion

I Bloom Form Within

Yara de Vries, Identity Masks

Yara de Vries fashion

Identity Masks

Diwang Wang, Metamorphosis

Diwang Wang fashion


Selma Wurmus, The Crowd

Selma Wurmus fashion

The Crowd