Di'Amo Vermeer, I Bloom Form Within

Di'Amo Vermeer fashion

I Bloom Form Within

To me, fruit is a cultural factor that symbolises growth. Skin colour has been a deciding factor in my life so I chose the skin of fruit to symbolise this and give it a new sense of beauty - an ode to the continuous blooming of my identity. These entangled fruit pieces are integrated within my designs, elsewhere they function as buttons.

Year 1 : Play

Jose Marie Sta. Iglesia, Light Colour Shadow
Yara de Vries, Identity Masks

2020 : Roots

Yara de Vries, Identity Masks

Yara de Vries fashion

Identity Masks

Diwang Wang, Metamorphosis

Diwang Wang fashion


Selma Wurmus, The Crowd

Selma Wurmus fashion

The Crowd