Fragile and Fluctuating Centre

by Yulia Hmarnaia, fashion graduate

What draws my attention is the unembellished, the painful and the crude seized in a perceptible poetic outcome. Chronicles of an ever-changing dialogue, permeating worldliness within discernible statutory scenes

In the context of fashion, my foremost interest lies in deconstructing my own established boundaries

Relying on the grotesque interpretation of human intimacy, I narrate a performance of flesh and undisclosed actuality

“A monstruous unleashing of appetites, a liberation of the basest instincts, a crackling of burnt lives prematurely exposed tot he flame.”

– Antonin Artaud

Video and Image Assistant
Lucian-Nicolae Hîrtop Albu

Gheorghe Șeptelici

Dorina-Beatrice Timciuc

Special Thanks
Daniela Damaschin