Open End

by Stef Reijnierse, fashion graduate

I have a life long fascination for vintage military clothing, workwear and technical clothing used for extreme sports. Products that last time, creating a bond by repeated use and that you repair over and over again, building up to its value

By combining the qualities of clothing with those of more autonomous objects, I engineer garments, integrating stiff industrial materials such as fiberglass, metal and carbon fiber that transform the silhouette. These structures are also entirely removable, leaving more fluid pieces

With or without, these pieces maintain a strong presence of their own in a dialogue between the human body and the space surrounding it

I wish to lengthen the lifespan of clothing and showcase a new kind of appreciation for garments as industrial objects that transcend time

What do we choose to put on our body and how does this define our space?

How do we and the objects we wear relate to our environment?

Special thanks to
assistance: Veronica Perjan
photographer: Gus Drake
Jewellery design: Zoe Nina

Buttons and snap buttons:

Kowa Company LTD
Ermenegildo Zegna
Dyneema (Dsm)

Cords, webbing, trimms