by Anwen Xu, Jiahao Li, fashion graduates

Tactility is the starting point, using unpretentious and unconventional materials that have an underlying gentleness

Returning to the most basic elements, a curve, a line, a cut

Deconstructing practicality into something just decorative, associated with follies

Playing with the idea of unusual proportion, awkward shapes and clumsy shoes

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Hilde Frunt
Cille Loenne
Ida Coppieters 
Vincent Wong 
Jolanda Verheij
Pedro Gossler 
Sungjae Joo
Elly Doan
Jaime Verheij
Hee Eun Kim 
Trumaine Huijts 
Soyoung Park 
Hyewon Jeong 
Valentjin Antonie 
Peter Wertmann 
Xiaoyu Wen
Larissa Schepers 
Steven Pul
Marcos Kueh
Raluca Nedelea - Stolz 
Maarten Krol
M. C. De Vissers fonds