by Pien Klein Douwel , fashion graduate

People in closed communities have always been intriguing to me. Their seclusion from a dominant culture or society allows them to construct their own realities

In my eyes it is more important than ever to make use of your surroundings, to create, inspire and develop together

I look at the concept as an ongoing,
transparent and honest process

Elly Doan
Nina Kunst
Mon Klein Douwel
Jermaine Harper
Pim Klein Douwel
Bødvar Hole

Amy Opstal
Daan Kamerman

Fabio Jansen

Open End

by Stef Reijnierse , fashion graduate

I have a life long fascination for vintage military clothing, workwear and technical clothing used for extreme sports. Products that last time, creating a bond by repeated use and that you repair over and over again, building up to its value

By combining the qualities of clothing with those of more autonomous objects, I engineer garments, integrating stiff industrial materials such as fiberglass, metal and carbon fiber that transform the silhouette. These structures are also entirely removable, leaving more fluid pieces

With or without, these pieces maintain a strong presence of their own in a dialogue between the human body and the space surrounding it

I wish to lengthen the lifespan of clothing and showcase a new kind of appreciation for garments as industrial objects that transcend time

What do we choose to put on our body and how does this define our space?

How do we and the objects we wear relate to our environment?

Special thanks to
assistance: Veronica Perjan
photographer: Gus Drake
Jewellery design: Zoe Nina

Buttons and snap buttons:

Kowa Company LTD
Ermenegildo Zegna
Dyneema (Dsm)

Cords, webbing, trimms

Stimuli Wiring System

by Sina Dyks , fashion graduate

bits and bytes that form the warp and the weft

Exploring the tension between mechanically produced and hand crafted

Why do I choose certain colors, why is one more interesting than the other?

I trust my hypersensitive intuition when connecting structures and tactility to color, creating an exciting overwhelming experience in textile design

Rico Dyks

Maryam Touzani
Benedetta Ciappini

TextielLab Tilburg

M.C. de Vissers fonds
Fundatie van de Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude

Fragile and Fluctuating Centre

by Yulia Hmarnaia , fashion graduate

What draws my attention is the unembellished, the painful and the crude seized in a perceptible poetic outcome. Chronicles of an ever-changing dialogue, permeating worldliness within discernible statutory scenes

In the context of fashion, my foremost interest lies in deconstructing my own established boundaries

Relying on the grotesque interpretation of human intimacy, I narrate a performance of flesh and undisclosed actuality

“A monstruous unleashing of appetites, a liberation of the basest instincts, a crackling of burnt lives prematurely exposed tot he flame.”

– Antonin Artaud

Video and Image Assistant
Lucian-Nicolae Hîrtop Albu

Gheorghe Șeptelici

Dorina-Beatrice Timciuc

Special Thanks
Daniela Damaschin

Longing For Now

by Max Willebrand Westin , fashion graduate

In my practice, I investigate how material, social and emotional values can transform through an alchemical process - the act of crafting

I am drawn to working on a smaller scale,
and I always preferred a finer thread over a thicker yarn

To me this is about attentive awareness, compassion and resilience, shape-shifting, rethinking and revaluing

Many thanks to Hannes Holén, Catharina Willebrand, Torbjörn Westin, Felix Willebrand Westin, Inge Vaandering, Olga Elliot, Katla Taylor, Thora Thøgersen & Freja Wesik for helping me out and making my graduation possible.