Dwelling Thoughts

by Petra Huisman, fashion graduate

I got in touch with many different people, interviewing them, hearing different perspectives other then my own Dutch white viewpoint

For me fashion already begins through how people interact with one another. It is not just the way we dress, or how we present ourselves, it can be so many elements that creates someone's identity

I want to physically show the importance of transparency in the relations between yourself and the people you interact with

Conversation partners
Alizée Bollen -  Jr Creative Director at Young / The Agency & model
Carmen Hogg - Style anthropologist, content creator and (copy) writer at Carmenpolitan
Danya Nooy - 4th year Fashion student at KABK
David Paulus - Art/Fashion designer at davidpaulusstudio
Derek Westervelt - Student Curating Art and Cultures and currently writing a thesis about Charles Montaigne
Eugenie Boon - Bachelor in Fine Arts, HKU
Goldiie - Multidisciplinary creative from Bonaire - Curaçao
Iré Oyekan - Freelance UX designer
Janice Deul - Fashion- & cultuuractivist, moderator, curator, publicist, journalist, public speaker
Kiara Yany - Model
Luigino Hanst - Sport coordinator in trainer
Stephanie Hanst - Bachelor of Built Environment
Tevin Blancheville - 3rd year Fashion student at KABK
Yinka Buutfeld - Alumna Design Academy Eindhoven - Identity
Zain Al-Jabara - Student HRO multimedia Design? / Respondent

Nadia Nicolau 
Aiyana Olaria

Photoshoots Lasered cotton & embroidered silk
Photography: Iris Nibbering

Studio shoot
Photography: Iris Nibbering
Models: Alysha Seferina
Geunevieve Molina
Mayo Jonkman
Winny Nzeyimana
Location: Fotostudio VK

Beach shoot
Photography: Hani Chladilova
Models: Charlenne Hernandez
Janelle Ignatius
Lilium Lopes e Gomes
Louana Belletini
Winny Nzeyimana
Location: Westduinpark

Font design
Aurora Navarro Villacampa
Dara Lautun
Petra Huisman