Year 1 : Play

Each year we invite inspiring professionals from the field of art & design to traverse our regular curriculum with stimulating, critical, urgent projects, workshops and Masterclasses to share their highly relevant practices and exceptional expertise, stimulating and feeding our design skills and minds.

What to design in a world of plenty?

a workshop by Hella Jongerius

NOVEMBER 2019 : Lecture and Masterclass on how design can act to make a change in the world. Hella …

Regenerating Shoe Design

a workshop by Marijke Bruggink

JANUARY 2020 : Experimental workshop studying the use of sustainable materials in footwear design. …


a workshop by Saskia van Gelder

APRIL 2020 : A research into the identity of contemporary tribes Saskia van Gelder: As teacher and …


create and illustrate at home

Duvet Assignment April 2020 – Fashion Drawing Class Year 1 and 2. ‘Create looks by using your own …

Where Are We Now?

A research into the identity of contemporary tribes

MAY 2020 : Intuitive research project collecting personal footage in pandemic times. All students …

Fashion Drawings

The Skirts

2020 : Roots

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