Arctic Dream

by Angelica Danaka (Greece), fashion

"As a designer I always create a dreamy world with an activistic message hinting within."


by Nina Dekker , fashion

"I have a fascination for fighting men."

The Universe and I

by Kirstie Fulton , fashion

"My work is about escapism - even for a short time."

Follies, And Yet We Still Go On

by Min Gweon , fashion

"We cherish the present moment, because we know that nothing can remain forever."


by Shijia Hao , fashion

"The absurd is the essential concept and the first truth." Albert Camus

Mind the Gap

by Louise Hoving , fashion

"It is important to embrace and celebrate our diversity."

Boys of No Return

by Trumaine Huijts , fashion

"I'm always intrigued by the people in the skate community. The way they dress, the way they live, the rituals, the excitement."

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

by Nicolas Jimenez Poveda , fashion

"How much can we lose of ourselves, that we forget those things that were so important to us."


by Moe Kim , fashion

"Each of the five woven textiles has its own character. They tell little stories about their emotions."

Artificial Calm

by Stella Hyunji Kim , fashion

"I'm exploring the modern symbolic meaning of fire. What's burnt during a fire and what's left after a fire."

A Premium Mediocre Collection

by Lina Lau , fashion

"By comparing new with old luxury values, I am reviewing the term luxury."

Stop Laughing It's Not Funny

by Larissa Schepers , fashion

"let's have conversations about all the things that are absurd in this world."

Welcome to the Brain Drain

by Otilia Vieru fashion

"My aim is to bring together the real world and the virtual domain."

Juvenile Oddity

by Vincent Wong fashion

"I want people to be able to express themselves again."